Vendor FAQs

How to start selling your stuff!

Your Space Reservation

To request a space at the flea, please complete the Vendor Application on the Main Page. We have a strong demand for spaces and are looking for vendors with high quality items that we think our customers are looking for. Please note that this is not a yard sale and we prioritize vendors selling vintage, collectible, and funky items. We also have crafters and artists selling one=of=a=kind items. We reserve the right to select our vendors, and completing a Vendor Application does not guarantee that you get a space. We confirm bookings early in the month of the upcoming flea.


Refer to the map of the flea on the Vendor Application. Each space is numbered and the Flea owners will assign you a space when you are approved. There may be some spaces available on a first-come/first-serve basis on flea market dates.

If you have reserved a spot, but have not arrived by 8:00AM and we have not heard from you, we reserve the right to give your space to another vendor.


Note: we will email you when we approve your application and again with set up instructions during the week prior to the event. If you do not receive this email, check your spam folder and email filters to make sure you are receiving emails from our site.

Setting Up

Set up begins at 6:30AM on the day of the flea. The loop that most booths are located on is closed to vehicles at 8:30AM. Because of the size of the flea market area, you are not allowed to park your car in your booth, but nearby free parking is available. 

We recommend that vendors:

  • arrive early

  • back into your space and unload

  • move your car to a nearby parking space

Tables and Tents

You'll need to bring your own tables and chairs. One parking space can hold many tables so think BIG!


Tents are welcome but not required. Please note that most tents are 10x10 and do not fit in one standard parking space at the flea. If you are bringing a 10x10 tent, you will need to reserve 2 spaces.  We may ask you if you are willing to share an extra 1/2 space instead of an entire second space with a neighboring vendor with a tent. This would allow us to fit two vendors with 10x10 tents into a total of three spaces instead of four spaces, and allow us to book more vendors at the flea..


If you do bring a tent, make sure you bring weights for the tent supports. 


You can pay for your booth in advance (we'll email you!) using Venmo or Square, or with cash on the day of the event. We will have a Vendor Check-in table on flea market day -- please visit us before the flea opens to make payments, sign a liability waiver, and just to let us know you're here.


  •  one space = $25 (We add an additional $1.03 transaction fee for credit card transactions)

  • 1 and 1/2 spaces = $32.50 (We add an additional $1.25 transaction fee for credit card transactions)

  • 2 spaces = $50 (We add an additional $1.75 transaction fee for credit card transactions)

 Please note: if you are using a Square reader for your credit card transactions, there is no wi-fi or electricity in the sales area.

What kind of things can I sell at your flea market?

Flea markets are typically a fun mix of collectible, antique, and vintage items. You can also find one-of-a-kind items from small businesses and artisans, and crafted/upcycled items.  We do not accept vendors who only sell brand new, mass-produced merchandise. MLM vendors are not permitted. Please note -- this is not a yard sale!


You never know what you'll find at a flea market, which adds to the fun! 

Message us if you have a specific question.

Food and Restrooms

There are public restrooms available in the City Hall building from 9:00-2:00PM. 

Hot food, fresh coffee, snacks and drinks are for sale at the market.


We do not allow vehicles to enter or leave the sales area during sales hours due to pedestrian safety.

If you park your car outside of the sales area, you can pack up your booth and take it to your nearby vehicle should you need to leave early.

This and That

Vendors typically bring bags and packing materials for fragile items. Please take your trash and all belongings home with you at the end of the day. Make your display inviting to attract customers. Start off the day with enough cash to make change. Mark your prices clearly, but be prepared to haggle -- this is part of the fun of a flea!

Is there paperwork I need to complete?

As part of the vendor application process, we will ask you to sign a standard liability waiver form on the day of the event.