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Vendor Info

Vendor Info

Your Questions Answered

Vendors, please read the following terms and conditions to be considered as a vendor at the Fairfax Funky Flea.

1.  What we're looking for in a vendor

We are looking for an exciting mix of vintage, handcrafted, upcycled, and antique goods.

If you are a new vendor, we are looking for goods/services  different from what we already offer.

We do not permit sales of weapons, illegal substances, or non family-friendly merchandise.  We also do not accept MLM businesses or newly purchased goods. 

2.  Location and Dates of the Market

The market meets on the last Saturday of the month from April through November in the City of Fairfax.  Our 2024 location  is the large parking lot behind the United Bank at 4031 University Drive, Fairfax. We have room for approximately 80 vendors.


In case of cancellation due to weather, etc., we will meet the next day (Sunday). Cancellations are called by noon on the day prior to the flea market and published on our Instagram page and website. We only cancel if all day rain/high winds, etc. is predicted.

3. Cost of a Vendor Space

Vendors can rent one or two parking spaces. The cost for one space is $30 (fits an 8x8 tent).  The cost for two spaces is $50 (fits a 10x10 tent)..

Payment is collected on the day of the flea market. We accept cash, Venmo or credit cards. We charge a 3% additional fee for credit card transactions.. On flea day, visit the Flea Vendor Check-in table under the Fairfax Funky Flea banner to make your payment and sign a liability waiver.

4. Applying for a Space at the Market

Click the Apply Now button at the top of this page to apply. Please complete all required information, including uploading photos, to be considered as a vendor.. If you are a returning vendor, please reapply for 2024 markets. 

After you apply, we will evaluate your application to determine if you are a good fit for our market. It is important that you give us a good description of your goods and photos that show off your items.. Please note that we receive many more applications than we have space for. Applications are not approved on a first-come/first-served basis. 

5. After you are Approved as a Vendor

We will get back to you as soon as possible to determine which months you are interested in selling. If you are a new vendor, we will only consider you for additional months after your first trial month. 

Most communications are via email. Please check your spam folder for emails from

Approved vendors and their assigned space(s) are published each month on our website under the Monthly Vendor List tab. We will also email you to confirm your attendance. If you need to cancel , please let us know as soon as possible as we have a large wait list.

6. Set Up Instructions

Vendors can set up as early as 6:00AM on the day of the flea. You'll have an assigned space (you can see it on our website) and we mark spaces the night before the flea. When you arrive, look for the flea husbands for instructions. They will direct you to your assigned space. To avoid blocking other vendors during set up time, back your vehicle into your assigned space, unload, and then park your card off-lot. Vendor parking is available at 4084 University Drive. 

Take down occurs after the flea closes at 3:00PM. Cars are not allowed in the sales area between 8:30AM and 3:00PM for pedestrian safety..

7. Tables, Chairs, and Tents

You must provide your own tables, chairs, and tents. If you bring a tent, make sure you have weights for at least three of the legs.  Remember, if you have a 10x10 tent, you must reserve two spaces.

8. Other Important Stuff

Other Important notes:

  • Portable toilets are available on site. There are also nearby coffee shops on Main Street (de Clieu, Senberry). On-site food services are available typically around 10:30am. 

  • One parking space can accommodate numerous tables, so think big. An attractive, full booth is inviting to customers and will give you more return on your investment.

  • There is no electricity available at the flea.

  • Expect customers to pay by cash, Venmo, or credit card.

  • Please be considerate of your vendor neighbors and customers by not smoking in the sales area. 

  • We provide trash cans and trash removal. Please tidy up before you leave.. Leave the space better than you found it.

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